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There is a way if you have windows XP. Don't know if it works with win7, but you could try it.

Windows XP makes a temporary file of every video you watch on the web but is deleted when you close the browser.

First before you start. Go into control panel/ Tools / Folder Options. In the View tab under Files and Folders, check ' "Show Hidden Files and Folders". and press OK.

Also download VLC Media Player if you don't al;ready have it.

Now, watch your favorite video on youtube, and when it finishes, (this is important) do not close youtube or your browser. You can minimize it to access your desktop.
2. Right click the start button and open 'explore'
3. In left column open My computer C: (C is usually the default) / Documents and Settings/ user profile/ LOCAL SETTINGS / temporary internet files. Click on temporary internet files. On the right side are a whole bunch of listings including cookies, favicons and other files. Most of them if you look in the size column are small sizes from 1 KB to 20 KB. If there are a really long list you can scroll down to below the cookies, (the cookies are all located near the top) and multi hilight all the lists below the cookies and delete them. ( this should be done before you watched the youtube video, sorry, or you will have to watch the video again)
Now like I said most are small sizes except for one that will be in the 16,000 to 20,000 KB range when you look down the size column. This is the video you watched. It will have the name video playback with some other code. It does not have the video name.
4. Highlight this file and click the left side of the screen close box which is at the top of the explorer treeon the left. when it closes then you get the blue folder tasks. Folder tasks should be open and have a 'copy this item' option Copy the file to the folder of your choice, like my video, or my music.
5. Go into your folder you just copied to, find the file, and rename it. When you rename it be sure to end the name with .avi and click beside the file to finish the rename. That is dot avi with the dot being a real dot.
6 . There you have a copy of the video. You should play it with VLC media player or similar player because windows media player and or real player may not play it.

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